Company: Multinational operating in the energy field

ACM & Partners intervention

Enhanced their sales model from B2B to B2C

Established relationships with leasing banks and investors in order to create the correct financial tools, both to help the client and match the company needs.

Examined and implemented a vertical CRM system for the company’s customer financial management, including risk analysis, credit coverage, debt collection, and active portfolio management.

Studied and implemented a SICAV-SIF in order to unify their renewable energy plants (photovoltaic and wind) which are located in different places in the world and owned by the same Chinese HQ. The achieved goal was to make the various assets fiscally efficient and to centralise and improve their maintenance and management, and in a subsequent step we enhanced the company assets leading to new aquisitions.

Helped create the contacts the company needed in order to organise a customer credit system across the Group branches, particularly in Japan, USA, France, UK.

Created for the Italian branch its 2017/19 strategic business plan.

Helpedplan the new branch opening, a 100% subsidiary of the Italian branch, in Australia. We took care of local branch management, staff recruitment and selection, financial and strategic business plan, local sales partner search and making contact with distributors.

Company: Investment company

ACM & Partners intervention

Planned for and created, all the way through to the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) authorization, an investment fund in the renewable energy field. The main investor, a Chinese firm, supported the fund’s growth by including its photovoltaic parks

Analysed the seed investor’s (i.e. the Chinese company) needs.

Reorganized the fiscal management, necessary because of the many differenttax systems of the different countries in which the company branches are established.

Changed those assets that were not useful from a banking point of view into strategical assets in the investment field.

Created a way (fund/SICAV) by which these assets, and consequentely the investors, could rapidly grow.

Examined all the M&A processes in order to submit to the fund board only those operations that were consistent with the previously set guidelines. In our search and selection of the best plants in the world, we evaluated technical, fiscal and economic aspects.

Took control of the administration and direct management of every SPV created or acquired by the fund, including providing quarterly reports about maintenance activities, O&M contract checks, production and income checks and management, increasing returns (when possible) and cutting costs..

Company: Building materials reseller

ACM & Partners intervention

Developed their project to open new branches abroad.

Created the designated brand.

Obtained the specific corporate finance required by the project.

Created a detailed development plan for the first three countries involved: Brazil, United Kingdom and Australia.

Recruited staff and local partners.

Set up and managed the branch for three years, in order to make it financially indipendent.

Private: Renewal energy investment

ACM & Partners intervention

We carried out the project research and development, up to the point of creating a special purpose company.

We took control of the project as asset managers.

We offered our professional advice on enhancing their investments.