• We make ourselves available to analise company requirements as regards its development targets.

  • We identify possible obstacles to the company evolution path

  • We evaluate the available and/or attainable resources in order to give taylor-made solutions for the short, medium and long term.

  • We consider all the options on the table, without allowing ourselves to be influenced by conventional procedures.

  • Thanks to our established international relationships, we can also search for solutions abroad

  • We facilitate a company’s communication with its stakeholders, banks, sponsors, employing those channels and procedures that ease efficient relationships.

Corporate advice

We offer company support at different levels:

  • strategic,
  • operational,
  • attractive for investors,
  • organisational in shareholder management.

M & A

We offer advice on the expediency and feasibility of mergers and acquisitions, from both the points of view (both that of the purchaserand the one who is acquired).


Thanks to our knowledge of the commercial and bureucratic dynamics effective in other countries, and calling on our network of partners which we have created locally, we can guide our client’s company in its expansion out of its domestic market boundaries, even in opening administrative and/or operational headquarters abroad.
We offer both advice on all the aspects involved in the internationalisation, including recruiting local human resources, and practical operations in the territory, taking care directely of everything needed and offering in this way an all-inclusive “keys in hand” package.


We support our customers in their transition from theory to practice, i.e. from identifying solution/s through to their implementation.

Thanks to our knowledge and problem-solving skills, the ACM&Partners team can work with the company, using all the proper and specific means, to the attainment of its goals.

Il percorso

We start by analysing those resources already available and evaluating the relationships with financial partners and the conditions that apply.

Then we dig deeper into the inner company reality, in order to understand its organisational flows and administrative processes. Among other things, we carry out a balance sheet analysis of the last three years and a mid-year analysis. We always involve our client in the discussions that follow this analysis and then we propose the corrective actions that should be taken.

Once the company machine has been examined and well greased, i.e. once the inner resources are maximised, we move to the selection of external resources,in order to discover those which best boost the business development project; they could be:

  • minibond,
  • foreign investors,
  • debt funds,
  • public bonds,
  • personal bonds.

Corporate finance

Our specialised professional team helps companies to evaluate the advantages of using corporate finance tools and, if all the prerequisites are there, in setting up everything necessary to obtain private or public funding.

  • Business model analysis

  • Property, economic, and finance indices analysis

  • Corrective actions applied to thebusiness model, its positioning, and property assets

  • Documentation set-up

  • Management of company communications to investors and the market

  • Fiscal advice


Because of time or human resource availability problems, sometimes the client prefers to empower some skilled professionals to implement the right actions in order to reach the set business target

ACM & Partners can provide support in this case too, temporarily taking charge of the management of the firm (Temporary Management) and, at the same time, training the internal human resources, who will acquire the skills that are required for optimised company management.

Asset management, which can be rescinded at any time, can be made as wide as the global company management, including the roles of accountant, lawyer and managing director. In this scheme the client plays the role of an investor, who takes out the profits at the end of the year.


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